The surrounding community will be impacted by the project in several ways.

Ongoing consultations seek to identify and record the different levels of community interest and scale of impact. Consultations consider:

  • Stakeholder role and interest
  • The scale of the impact on stakeholders
  • Differences among stakeholders in terms of demographics, cultural background, etc.

All aspects of the plant’s development and operation are coordinated with the Western Region Development Council (WRDC) and the Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA), along with community representatives and neighboring landowners and tenants. Areas of coordination include developing projects to improve regional infrastructure, creating employment opportunities, and increasing business efficiency through investment in the Western Region.

In addition, Shams Power Company has worked with the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) to identify, record and protect any sites of archaeological interest within the project zone of influence in Abu Dhabi Emirate. No archeological remnants were found on the site.

In addition, Shams Power Company works with UAE universities and colleges:

  • As a resource for information on baseline environmental and social conditions in the UAE.
  • As a working example of CSP parabolic trough technology in the country.
  • As a source of assistance in the field of specialized impact evaluation and mitigation work.

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