HSE Officer

Posted: 08/12/1442
Closing Date: 09/13/1442

Job Description

Job purpose:

  • The essential goal of our Emergency Response Team is to provide a sustainable service in the work place of Shams employees at the Shams 1 Plant by protecting life, property and environment through fire prevention, fire safety education and emergency response with well-maintained equipment and highly trained, dedicated personnel.
  • Reporting to the Senior HSE Officer, you will be part of Loss Prevention Function team
  • Lead a team of fire fighters / Emergency responders during daily routines and in case of emergency (professionals and voluntary helpers)
  • Participate in the HSE processes of the O&M.
  • Support Plant operational goals and objectives as per Shams policies, procedures and HSSEQ Managers instructions.
  • Support the preventive/predictive maintenance and adjustments for Plant firefighting equipment and/or systems defined under the Plant maintenance plan.

Key Responsibilities:

    Risk Management
  • The daily work tasks performed represent risks that could lead to serious accidents which are controlled by means of procedures, supervision, safety devices, HSSEQ Team and PPE (personal Protective Equipment).
  • Traffic/vehicles accidents.
  • Risks inherent to the job of Sr HSE Officer while performing site inspections, firefighting and equipment maintenance activities.
  • Exposure to Hazardous process chemicals on site during emergency response
  • Injuries and property damage during emergency response
  • Ensure in routing and monitoring the closure of anomalies onsite and updating to MAXIMO
  • Enforce Shams HSSE and Quality policies and procedures, and ensure that all HSE measures and precautions are strictly considered and taken care of during the execution of maintenance activities to avoid any activity, which might lead to Environment Health and Safety incidents / non-conformities.
  • Involved in Permit to work process.
  • Ensure HSE processes are performed, especially out of working hours (e.g. equipment inspections, work permits, safety tours…)
  • Responsible for providing induction to visitors / contractors / staff.
  • Carry out checking of vehicles and equipment prior entering the plant (with Security) as per the Plant policy / procedure.
  • Maintain/verify accurate records, preparing reports and composing correspondence related to the work
  • Ensure that tools and equipment assigned are adequate to the given tasks and used in accordance to manufacturer's recommendations and the Company procedures / guidelines.
  • Participate in troubleshooting activities as necessary along with Operations and Maintenance colleagues, to determine the cause of failure/issues and propose remedies to safely and cost effectively eliminate failures/issues.
  • Develop/ formulates activity plan on performance management plan for HSEO’s.
  • Development and implementation of HSE initiatives and procedures and update the procedures as per authorities requirement such as OSHAD and DOE.
  • Support HSE Officer after regular office hour, weekends and holidays.
    Emergency Response and rescue
  • In the event of an emergency the job holder will participate with the emergency response team as per his role in the emergency response plan, which may include:
    • Provision of logistic support (such as driving of vehicles ,Fire truck, equipment and hose delivery / supply…) to the emergency response team.
    • Responds to Fire, Hydrocarbon and Toxic Gas Release,
    • Rescue and Fire Loss Control. Prevent and minimizes loss of life and property damage as a result of fire, gas release incidents.
    • Assist Sr. HSE Officer in leading a crew of firefighters involved in firefighting, oil and gas release control measures, rescue and medical emergencies
  • Support the development of emergency response plans and procedures
  • Ensure that HSEO’s carrying out a range of testing, inspection and general maintenance activities, associated with fire and life support equipment, in order to ensure that emergency preparedness is maintained.
  • Participate, on a daily basis, in the routine maintenance and testing of fire main hydrants and isolation valves. Ensures the testing and cleanliness of fire hose and associated equipment. Carries out general maintenance of breathing apparatus, life support and resuscitation equipment. Inspects, maintains and replaces all portable fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Implement contingency plans in a case of failure or unavailability of any part of the plant fire protection system or equipment under the direction of the HSSEQ Manager as per company procedures.
  • Participates in the testing and maintenance of major storage tank firefighting equipment. Participates the testing of fixed protection systems and dry risers in line with Integrity Assurance Schedules.
  • Performs inspections and maintenance of vehicles and firefighting equipment
  • Conduct monthly drill and rectify/propose rooms for improvement on gray areas.
  • Perform active fire and safety prevention measures onsite to prevent loses.
  • Participates/designates team member in specialist stand- by and hot work stand- by duties using firefighting equipment, breathing apparatus and specialist rescue equipment during plant routine maintenance and project works when required
  • Monitor regular noise level.
  • Responsible for waste management and coordination with waste disposal contractor.
  • Assist in air quality monitoring.
  • Control and contain all type of spills
    Training and development
  • Participates on a daily basis in both practical and theoretical training to maintain the required professional skills, including storage tanks, multi- level platforms, HTF vessels and process equipment, which results in exposure to heat flame. Smoke, steam and a full range of firefighting agents.
  • Participate in UAE Nationals development programme.
  • Develop self and others.
  • Perform audit to Permit To Work system by regular check onsite.
  • Audit other department in HSE issues
    General HSE requirement
  • Provide assistance to other departments as may require related to HSE.
  • Participate in Plant scheduled shutdowns and turnarounds.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by Senior HSE Officer and Lead engineer.
  • Responsible for recording firefighting gears for his team and auxiliary firefighters
  • Raise service request in Maximo when required.

Skills & Qualifications:

    Required Qualifications
  • At least two year University Diploma level certificate in HSE field; preferable NEBOSH IGC Certificate .
  • Any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.
  • Very good physical fitness level (as per ADEHSMS COP 5.0 for Emergency Responders) to allow active participation in emergency response activities and live fire drills.
  • Candidate must have successful completion of advanced Firefighters training program, preferably also specialist equipment (e.g., Foam Canons, Vehicle Rescue Equipment, rope abseiling, Breathing Apparatus, First Aid, Paramedic training).
  • Knowledge of Emergency Response Management & Fire Ground Command procedures.
  • A valid UAE heavy vehicle driving license is required.
  • At least 3 years’ experience in firefighting and rescue/ advanced fire prevention/ protection and the use of life support equipment in large power generation or continuous process plants.
  • Hands-on experience in the use, inspection, maintenance and repair of firefighting equipment and detection systems.
  • Highly proactive and self-motivated.
  • Team leading skill, Team player, good interpersonal skills.
  • Good command of oral and written English General IELTS Level 4, Arabic is an advantage.
    Required Competencies
  • Core: HSE Compliant, Team Oriented, Respectful, Professional Work Ethics, Communication
  • Technical: Risk Assessment, Basic Environmental Knowledge, Process Safety, Root Cause Analysis, PTW Knowledge, Emergency Response Management, Report Writing, Teamwork, Leadership, Decision Making