Senior Lab Chemist

Posted: 06/20/1442
Closing Date: 07/18/1442

Job Description

  • Supports HR Manager in ensuring that all HR functions are running as per Company needs and expectations.
  • Assists in areas relating to performance management in the Company, including making annual revisions to ensure continuous alignment of department and individual KPI’s to Company KPI’s, governing of semi-annual and annual IPR’s and monitoring all activities within the system to ensure it is meeting the objectives of the Company.
  • Support the HR Manager in the recruitment plans for targeted business units to ensure the selection of the right candidates within the approved budget, ensuring that Emiratization is a priority and main focus in recruitment.
  • Assists HR Manager in employee relations issues in a timely and effective manner
  • Timely maintenance of HR Policies and Procedures

Key Responsibilities:

    Participation in audits regarding laboratory and plant chemistry issues
  • Closing the audits points in time/span>
  • Following the actions and submit the justification before closing.
  • Enforce HSSE and Quality policies and procedures, and ensure that all HSSE measures and precautions are strictly considered and taken care of during the execution of maintenance activities to avoid any activity, which might lead to Health Safety and Environment incidents / non-conformance which will lead to an open audit point.
  • Evaluates information to determine compliance with Standards using relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with Laws, Regulations and Standards to fulfill the company standards and policy.
    Monitoring of wastewater treatment
  • Perform regular checks and walk down.
  • Report any abnormality and raise service request.
  • Supervision of water treatment plant operation and unloading of bulk chemicals
  • Coordinates with operations and maintenance department for defects notification and rectifies the same through the MAXIMO work permit system.
    Proper management of Water/Steam Cycle Chemistry parameters
  • Perform regular samples to ensure the quality.
  • Making sure all required chemicals are in stock for water/steam cycle requirements.
  • Supervision of chemical preparation and optimize the chemical dozing
  • Closely monitor plant process and performance parameters of each system where chemical treatment and control are involved.
  • Periodically checks online instrumentation in plants where faulty ones are notified through the CMMS system.
  • Conducts tests and inspections of products, services or processes to evaluate quality or performance.
    Laboratory Management
  • Perform daily housekeeping in the Lab and make sure all are set.
  • Report any expired chemicals or calibration due for the Lab analyzers.
  • Maintain daily, monthly, yearly chemical consumption records and reviews the same with respect to plant production and produce summary reports to the Plant Quality Manager.
  • Acquires information about Plant Process Chemistry;
  • Performs demineralization, potable water, HTF Heater, condensate, waste outfall and cooling water quality testing for investigative purpose and initiates corrective measures deemed necessary;
  • Keep logbooks and maintains reports, preparing Standards and Specifications for processes, facilities, products and tests;
  • Manages the process of getting water/condensate samples reports from laboratory and update data internally..
  • Reviews and records the Laboratory Technician logbook information and report abnormalities to the Plant Quality Manager and raises notification in MAXIMO, then take action if/when required
  • Completes all technical data, analysis results and operational reports and produce daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly reports to be sent to the appropriate UAE Regulatory and Supervision Bureau (RSB).
  • Coordinates with warehouse / procurements for chemical consumption withdrawals and safe stock procurement through the Maximo system.
  • Understand the technical and quality Standards for all laboratory and sampling activities.
  • Implements all routines, non-routine laboratory, and field water analysis.
    Coaching and development of Jr Lab Chemist and involved in meetings and problem solving
  • Perform a weekly test for the Jr chemist to ensure the process understanding.
  • Completion of the PDP and report any missing activity to DM.
  • Uses scientific rules and methods to solve problems under the supervision of the Plant Quality Manager
  • Executes opportunities to improve Plant Chemistry and water management performance;

Skills & Qualifications:

    Required Qualifications
  • Bachelor degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
  • Equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.
  • Driving license is required.
  • Chemical handling certificate.
  • At least 5 year experience in chemistry/chemical Instrumentation & Controls, chemical system/equipment operations & maintenance of a large power generation plant or continuous process plants, of which at least 3 years in a similar position.
  • Theoretical knowledge of thermal energy/demineralization, water treatment facility generating equipment to include thermal boilers, steam turbines and other balance of plant equipment.
  • Hands-on experience in the O&M and repair of power/process control equipment.
  • Familiar with CMMS usage.
  • Hands-on experience in the maintenance, repair and testing of power generation/process systems.
  • Knowledge of chemical composition, structure and properties of substances and of the chemical processes and transformations they undergo. This includes uses of chemicals and their interactions, danger signs, production techniques and disposal methods
  • Strong coordination between multiple parties skills
  • Proven practical application of all field and laboratory testing techniques
  • Understands inorganic water chemistry as it relates to the proper operation of desalination, mixed bed demineralizers, steam generation and cooling water systems
  • Training in instrumental analysis procedures, including, but not limited to: titrations, spectrophotometer analysis and ion selective analyses
  • A mathematical background with the skills required to make adjustments to the Water Chemistry Program based upon analytical testing results is a pre-requisite
  • Strong governance and leadership skills in heading projects
  • Demonstrates ability and experience in the operation and/or calibration of analyzers such as UV Spectrophotometer, AAS, Ph meter, ORP meter, etc., utilized in the maintenance of a Power and Desalination Plant Water Chemistry Program;
  • Background knowledge in the operation and maintenance of Desalination plants, mixed bed demineralizers, and all other sub-systems related to the pre-treatment of raw water and disposal of waste water will be an advantage
  • Thorough understanding of Quality Assurance Programs/Processes such as IPC, ISO, etc. and Safety Programs as they relate to the operation of power generation facilities
  • Strong mechanical aptitude, basic understanding of chemistry, physics, electricity and mathematics
  • Must have an in-depth knowledge of water chemistry and HSE Compliance Laws.
  • Highly proactive and self-motivated, capable of handling multiple tasks. Problem solving and analysis skills.
  • Team player, good interpersonal skills for subordinates development, team building and conflict resolution.
  • Good knowledge of preventive and scheduled predictive maintenance principles and working procedures.
  • Proficient with PC software’s and CMMS, able to write technical reports and procedures.
  • Good command of and excellent oral and written English, Arabic is an advantage.
  • Ability to adapt to changes and flexible.
    Required Competencies
  • Core: HSE Compliant, Team Oriented, Respectful, Professional Work Ethics, Communication
  • Technical: MSDS Knowledge, Risk Assessment, Root Cause Analysis, Chemical Handing, HAZWOPER, Emergency Response Management, Report Writing, Developing Others, Job/Technical Knowledge