The experiential journey is divided into nine zones, each with its own highlight, and aims to fully engage visitors.

After completing the indoor tour, visitors can proceed to the outdoor viewing deck to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Shams solar power plant. This is the perfect place to capture a photo of your visit to one of the largest CSP plants in the world.

Complete your experience at the Al Dhafra Innovation Centre in our outdoor area, where we have installed the equipment used in Masdar’s pilot seawater desalination plant in Ghantoot.

The Legacy

This zone highlights the sustainability legacy of the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in shaping the UAE’s efforts toward energy conservation & sustainability.

Shams Inauguration

Our story started in March 2013 with the inauguration of Shams power plant. In this section, visitors can explore the journey of the Shams project and explore the project using a virtual reality model.

Energy and Water

This zone highlights the critical energy & water nexus and Masdar’s renewable energy projects.

Innovations in Energy Efficiency & Conservation

This zone encourages visitors to discover how Shams generates power from the sun in an interactive and informative manner, and explains how visitors can conserve power and water at home.

Innovations in Wind Energy

This zone highlights wind energy and includes a model of Masdar’s London Array project, the world’s largest offshore wind farm when it was inaugurated in 2013.

The UAE’s Clean Energy Projects

In this interactive zone, visitors can explore all of the UAE’s renewable energy projects.

Industrial-Scale Innovations

Each innovation is portrayed by a 3D-printed model, where visitors can learn about the innovations advancing the UAE’s sustainable development.

Circular Economy

In this section of the centre, visitors will learn about waste-to-energy as a supporting innovation towards a circular economy.

Masdar’s International Clean Energy Projects

This area showcases all of Masdar’s clean energy projects across the world.

Outdoor Area

The centre’s outdoor section displays the equipment used in Masdar’s seawater desalination pilot project at Ghantoot. The equipment and augmented reality will help visitors understand the process of desalination, while experiencing the centre’s garden, which uses drought-tolerant plants and species native to the region.

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Hambdan bin Zayed Hall

Hamdan Bin Zayed Hall is our 200 square meter multipurpose hall that can accommodate 40 persons.

It is equipped with a high quality projector and audio equipment and presents a perfect place for different workshops, events, meetings, etc.

We recommend that you should organize a workshop or lecturing at our multipurpose whole as a part of the tour. All you need to do is booking in advance!

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