We are a unique company that offers a dynamic working environment. Concentrated solar power (CSP) technology is a state-of-the-art innovation and provides opportunities, particularly for young engineers, to become a part of something extraordinary as the world transitions to clean energy. The pioneering Shams Power Company has made a significant mark on the renewable energy sector in the UAE as one of the largest CSP plants in the world and the first of its kind in the Middle East.

We also lead the way in diversity, with our employees hailing from more than 10 countries. We believe in equality and diversity, while tolerance and acceptance of differences are deeply embedded in our corporate culture. We give equal chances to all candidates based on their talent and competencies. Discover the opportunities to join our team. Apply your talent in the brightest way.

Our People

Our people are our best asset and we strive to continue to be a great place to work. We are a young, motivated, innovative and determined team who wants to lead by example during the transition towards a sustainable society that provides clean energy for all.

“Working at Shams Power Company is nothing short of a dynamic, exceptional and exciting experience. Aside from the unique technology we use to supply clean energy to our region, the Shams team is a family unit that respects and supports each other through everyday hurdles and successes. Personally, I feel proud and honored to work with our team to contribute to accomplishing a more sustainable future.”

Haya Hashem

Senior HR Officer

“Working for Shams feels like having your family around. It is where you can always wear that smile because of friendly, professional colleagues and a management team who are always there to lift you up. It feels like I am always motivated to do my work because of the support and trust being bestowed onto me, Shams is my family, which makes me feel happy away from home.“

Archie Cabanayan

Senior HSSE Officer

“Shams CSP is unique, in a way that keeps you motivated and passionate about your role in this company. Behind our accomplishments are great minds of excellent team leaders and formidable members of the Shams family.”

Ahmed Al Mazroui

Power Block Field Operator