Powering a sustainable future with solar energy.


Leading the CSP industry globally through safe and reliable operations by our people to help the country achieve its clean energy goals. We create value by sharing knowledge and contributing to the society.



We are committed to the highest standards of safety, and safety always comes first. We do not make any compromises when it comes to our safety standards, and our entire team are dedicated to upholding these standards.


We are striving to achieve nothing less than the best. Our professionals our dedicated to achieving our mission and goals.


Is one of the most important values in our work. We respect each other, our stakeholders, and our shareholders.


We are always ready for new challenges and our team can easily adapt to new circumstances.


People are our greatest asset and we dedicate our efforts to retaining and upskilling them. We are of the belief that good collaboration results in an outcome that is greater than sum of its parts.