The Shams Solar Challenge is an annual activity engaging all schools in the Al Dhafra region. It is organized and facilitated by the Shams CSR Team in coordination with Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute and the Abu Dhabi Education Council, and is part of our commitment towards education and awareness in renewable energy technology.

The Solar Challenge is designed to motivate students into science, engineering, technology and green energy engineering. The participants not only learn about the importance of science to effectively have their solar project go the farther distance, but also learn the importance of teamwork, sharing ideas and contributing back to their community.

Schools are invited to form teams and build the solar project as requested by Shams. Projects have to meet certain criteria to earn points. The top three winning teams will win a financial prize of which at least 50% must be invested in their school for an improvement of their choice. This way, not only does the actual team benefit from this unique solar challenge, but their entire school will benefit as well. searchTestcontent

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