Heat Prevention

  • Insights
  • Aug 03, 2020
  • By Abdulla Al Hamadi (HSSEQ Manager of Shams Power Company)

During hot summertime, we cannot compromise wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), especially activities like welding, even working under direct sunlight. Employees should take extra care to avoid dehydration, fatigue and heatstroke. Managers should follow the best practice recommendations to protect their co-workers. These recommendations often include working in a shorter time, drink enough water, working under the shade, provide resting areas, try to schedule the work at night or early hours in the morning and look for lighter PPE that still fit to the job

Workers who are in Shams for a long time are aware of our safety procedures. For us, it is essential to keep our focus on new contractors who come from different fields and background. HSE team use several ways to check how workers are complying with advices. We conduct safety inspection and audit every day. In Shams particularly, the management team take a safety tour once a week. The upper management is leading by example in safety. HSE urges employees to pay attention if they spot any unsafe act or conditions by reporting through the anomaly system. HSE empowers all Shams employees to stop any activity if they think it has high risk.

Although there are midday break hours by law in UAE from mid of June till mid of September between 12:30 pm till 3:00 pm, we still sometimes notice very high temperature before and after this period. We use TWL (Thermal Work Limit) devise to make sure that we are not exceeding heat stress limits. When the device shows a high-risk zone, we announce in the radio and our internal public announcement system to take precautions for whom working under sunlight or in hot locations. I suggest all companies follow this procedure because all employers have obligation to ensure the safety and well- being of all employees and contractors.